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What's a Virtual Event when it's at home?

Creative fundraising ideas for nonprofit organisations

Virtual Events Powered by GivePenny use integrated technology to bring lifestyle activities like running, cycling and gaming together with raising money for great causes.

Traditional fundraising events require the charity to grapple with organising experiences around real-world locations and specific dates - losing potential participants in the web of calendar conflicts and travel expenses. We offer something different - something more accessible, more inclusive and more empowering.

We'll help you build a fully branded microsite that connects creative fundraising ideas to your supporters' favourite apps. They can cycle miles for your charity around their hometown, or count their steps for you on their commute to work - keeping their connection to your cause in their pocket every day.

Organise a Virtual Event powered by GivePenny, and your supporters can take part on their own terms; wherever they like, whenever they want to - all while still feeling like a valued member of a fully connected fundraising movement. 

The team at GivePenny bend over backwards to offer advice and support. What's not to love?


Nicole Scully Leukaemia Care

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Here's what you get with a Virtual Event Powered by GivePenny

The solution

  • Planning and Briefing

    We bounce fundraising ideas around, before taming them and turning them into a coherent plan.
  • Fully Branded Campaign

    Pick and mix creative services, ensuring your brand is carried through.

  • Website Build

    The magic happens and your tailored fundraising experience is created.

  • Creative Data Presentation

    From campaign stats and leaderboards, to animated graphics that really sing, we help progress be celebrated in the BEST way.

  • Fundraiser Acquisition

    Email and social campaigns designed to inspire people to join the movement.

  • Fundraiser Coaching

    Fully branded email/notification journeys, helping fundraisers get the most fun and donations from taking part.

  • Dashboard Reports

    Live reports on virtual event progress, right down to individual donations made to supporter fundraising pages.

  • Campaign Review

    When it's all said and done, we help you review your virtual event's performance against targets and make recommendations for how to improve results.


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